Know gamification? Spot the technique used in these examples!


What is Gamification?

Gamification is the process of integrating gaming me- chanics and techniques into your digital product or service, from simple techniques that provide incen- tives and rewards all the way up to actual games that trigger a call to action


Level up your business with GAMIPHY


Why do regular ads when you can gamify things up? We bridge the gap between your brand and targeted customers through gamified content and tailored ads


Reward your customers as they use and interact with your product/service in every step of the way, and build a loyal community around your brand


Satisfied customers are your greatest assets, carefully craft ongoing great experiences that will keep them coming back for more

How Gamiphy Works?


Identify business goals


Determine suitable calls to action


Choose & implement a campaign


Monitor analytics & get custom reports


Learn & Iterate


Take the quiz and get early access to our system

You'll get one free mini-game to help attract and
engage your customers


Platforms that we offer

Branded Games (Engage & go viral)

Customize for your own brand and products
Collect leads and convert them to customers
Reward winning players with discounts, credits and other incentives
Launch in minutes on your social media channels, website and mobile application

Engaging Quizzes (Rais awareness and collect feedback)

Engage your customers with your services
provide them with useful information
Collect their answers and feedback
Enhance and reiterate

Tailored cutomer Journeys (Be with your customer in every step of the way)

Define and setup desired actions for your business
Choose the best delivery method (Bot, Bar, seperate page)
Configure your points and rewards distribution
Plug and play in your system

ِActionable Analytics (Never take actions blindly again)

Exclusive insights
ِActionable numbers
Custom reports
Data-driven suggestions

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