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Gamification 101

Have you started recently hearing the expression “gamification”? Did you try to read about it here and there but things looked a bit complicated that you gave up on it? Well, maybe you should give it one more try, because gamification could be the next big thing you could adopt to nourish your business.
Let us walk you through the concept of gamification in the easiest way possible.

What is Gamification?

Imagine that you are playing a game now, what does your game screen display? Quick “imaginary” glance, will make you see many of the following items:

  • Stages & levels count, to keep you informed of how many levels have you finished, and how many still remain ahead of you.
  • Rewards/Badges/Incentives, you are working really hard to get those, even though they are virtual, but they keep your motivation level up and rising.
  • A pop-up window asking you to rate the game or share your results with friends on social media.
  • Live feed upon login that informs you how you are ranking today among your friends.
  • … And the list goes on and on.
So all of the above are gamification techniques, and while we do not mean by gamifying your business the fact that you have to make your business an actual game, we do mean that you can use any of the gaming techniques mentioned above and customize it to suit your business image and branding guidelines just right.

Gamification Meaning by Example

In short, gamification is taking the gaming techniques, customizing them and then integrating them into your product or service, how? Check out the following examples:

  • LinkedIn: When you first login to linkedIn, you will find the site walking you through a step-by-step process, in order for you to complete your profile, and throughout this process you can see a completion bar, this is a gamification technique.
  • Nike: The giants behind this brand thought of engaging their consumers a bit more, so from a relation that could have ended right at purchase, they turned things around and came up with Nikfuel, where Nike users can compete against each other based on the the daily amount of physical activity that is being tracked and recorded by a special app on the user’s smartphone. Now this is a gamification technique.
  • Slack: Do you see these awe-so-cute greetings that slack gives you while it starts? Well, this is a gamification technique.
  • Airlines Mileage Rewards: Many of your favorite airlines offer their customers rewards that can be redeemed after a certain number of online purchases, so the more your use your credit card, the more miles you can collect and redeem for your coming flights. This is a gamification technique.

Gamification Solutions

When it comes to the actual gamification solutions, the sky is the limit. But we will try here to summarize a few gamification solutions and what each of them can add to your business:

  • Branded Mini-Games & Playable Ads: This is the simplest idea of them all, and the closest you could get to the actual games you know. A branded mini-game can be integrated into your social channels, website, or mobile app or any other medium of your choice. This can add the following to your business:
    • Better user engagement.
    • Improved brand awareness.
    • Higher lead generation & conversion rates.
  • Engaging Quizzes: This concept is the good step-brother (sort of) for the branded mini-games mentioned above, as it builds on the value added by mini-games to your business, and can dd further value, that includes:
    • Easier data collection.
    • Better understanding of a user persona.
  • Actionable Analytics: Acting blindly with the absence of detailed data will get your business nowhere, or it will but probably not somewhere you want to get to. And here comes the essential role of actionable analytics, as it provides detailed insights recorded and analysed with every encounter a user makes with your gamified content. This can add the following value to your business:
    • Detailed insights of users behavior and patterns.
    • Shortened path to achieving your business goals.
    • Better decision making.
    • Better understanding of your business & targeted audience.

Gamification has so much to offer for your business, and we will help you become less hesitant about using it for your brand as we will be revealing many of its secrets and the actual value it did add to other businesses around the World in our following blog posts.

Keep your mind and business open to new methods and techniques, and things will go right for your brand, that … We know for sure.

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