Make Mini-games & playable ads the new interactive frontier between your brand and its early customers. Take ads to a whole new level through gaming and social interaction.

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Brandable and Customizable

Looking for the perfect way to get your early
adopters to notice you and engage with your
brand? Look no further, our mini-games are fully
customizable to answer your needs and portray
your brand image just right.
Social Integration

Word of mouth is more than just the cherry on
the top, it could be the heart of your business
when done right. Let your customers talk about
you all over the web, reach a larger audience and
start building a database of highly active users.
Our mi-ni-games can be easily integrated with
social media to support all of your marketing efforts.
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Rich Templates Library

Gain access to a continuously growing library, where we keep adding different game templates that are specifically created to attract and engage your customers, wherever they reside on the web.
Web and Mobile Friendly

Built on HTML5, our mini-games are designed to work glitch free on different devices and screens.
HTML5 also guarantees high loading speed, and the list goes on…
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Increase awareness, and level up your brand