Gamification bots can take your brand to the next level by enabling you to design and create unique customer journeys.

goal achievement chart
Drive User Behavior

Identify the desired actions that meet your busi-
ness goals, and build customer journeys that specif-
ically support these goals with our gamification bots.
Reward-Driven Tasks

Leave no customer behind. Reward each customer
while he/she embarks on the journey you designed
to meet your business goals.
rewards screen and french fries
gamification bots
Create Brand Ambassadors

Make word of mouth your new top salesperson.
Through engaging in a give-and-take relationship,
build the trust factor that will turn each client into
a salesperson for your business.
No more abandoned carts!

Built on HTML5, our mini-games are designed to
work glitch free on different devices and screens.
HTML5 also guarantees high loading speed, and
the list goes on…
woman shopping in a supermarket
Be with your customer in every step of the way