By using Gamiphy solutions you can design and create engaging quizzes that can be fully branded and customized, turn your site visitors into qualified leads with our quizzes.

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Build Your Leads Database

Engage users who have shown early interest and
turn them into qualified leads, feed those leads
into your marketing automation tool and start con-
verting them into loyal customers with our engaging quizzes.
Make Them Stick

Decrease bounce rate & increase time on site by
using our interactive quizzes. Keeping users for
longer will maximize your chances of successfully
turning them into loyal customers.
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Get a New Social Tool

Increase your reach and up the fun by encourag-
ing your customers to share and compare answers
with their friends. More quiz takers, more leads… it
is that simple.
Qualified leads are right there on your site, all they need is just a nudge.